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Will Disputes and Inheritance Claims

Will Disputes

When a member of your family passes away it is a particularly distressing time. With grief still at the forefront when a Will is read, it can make it even more difficult if the Will does not indicate what is expected. Whether you have concerns as to whether the deceased had capacity to prepare the Will; or you think they may have been influenced; or it is suggested there is a want of knowledge or approval at the time of signing, Watson Legal can discuss with you the options in a sensitive and understanding manner.

Inheritance Claims

It can be extremely difficult as a dependant, whether you are married to the deceased, or not, or a child of the deceased and no provision has been made in the Will. This is where Watson Legal will take you through each step and advise as to how and if such provision can be claimed.

Sarah Watson, Managing Director at Watson Legal, has extensive experience in these matters.

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