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Property Disputes

Neighbour disputes

Whether you have an issue regarding the position of a fence or boundary adjoining your neighbour or a dispute over a shared driveway, Watson Legal can advise.

Another common cause of a dispute are ‘restrictive covenants’. These are usually restrictions relating to your property. For example the prohibition of parking caravans and campervans or not parking on a certain piece of land such as a shared driveway.

We can consider your Deeds to establish what restrictions you may have, advise regarding boundaries and advise regarding the process if you need to take the matter further.

Sarah Watson, Principal of Watson Legal has significant experience in these types of disputes. They can take a considerable amount of time and money to resolve. We appreciate that seeking legal advice is a significant step in these circumstances. Whether you simply want to know where you legally stand or you require action to be taken, please contact us either by telephone on 01279 466910 or email to arrange your free 30 minute consultation.