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Watson Legal provide advice to employees on all aspects of employment law, including but not limited to:

  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Constructive Dismissal
  • Redundancy
  • Transfer of Undertakings
  • Discrimination such as Age, Disability, Race, Sex
  • Flexible working
  • Statutory rights such as Maternity, Paternity, Holiday, Sick Pay
  • Unlawful Deduction of Wages

There are still many businesses that sadly are unaware of employees rights. Not only do we assist employers, but also make sure employees are protected as far as possible.

Often the employer/employee relationship is fragile at the point in which either party seeks legal advice. This is the most important time that sensitivity and the ability to be discrete is key. At Watson Legal we pride ourselves in dealing with situations to enable the parties to either continue working together or parting ways in the least acrimonious way possible.

In many of these situations a solicitor can help you to clarify your rights, in the hope that you can then, resolve the situation direct with your employer.

The world of business has changed, it seems that jobs for life is no longer the norm. All too often the consequence of business changes can result in your job being at risk. This is the most crucial time to consult a legal adviser. There are strict time limits if you wish to make an application for compensation to the Employment Tribunal.

We can also advise throughout the conciliation process, whether that's Early Conciliation or even after proceedings are issued. Early Conciliation through ACAS is a requirement. Although we cannot make the initial contact on your behalf, once you have notified ACAS of your potential claim we can discuss with them the details of your case and be the intermediary & advisor to help you obtain the best possible outcome.

There are also potential risks in reductions of compensation if successful, by failing to complete your employer's internal grievance and disciplinary procedures. It is therefore vital you take advice as early as possible.

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