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Business Insolvency and Enforcement

If you are a business having financial difficulties and need guidance on steps to move forward, whether that be to call it a day or find a way to continue trading we have the expertise to guide you.

We have links with recovery and insolvency practitioners who work alongside us to develop a strategy for your business.

We understand the stresses of running a business first hand, which in turn not only increases our knowledge but also means we are empathetic and commercial in our approach.

Watson Legal are also specialists in enforcing debts that are owed to you.

This can be in a variety of ways:

  • Charging Order
  • Statutory Demand leading to a Winding Up Petition
  • Warrant of Execution
  • Warrant for Possession of Land
  • Third Party Debt Orders
  • Orders to Obtain Information From Judgment Debtor

Whether you need to obtain a judgment or already have a judgment against a Debtor, Watson Legal can take you through the next steps, whether it be to guide you to undertake the process yourself or for us to act on your behalf.

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